Introducing the safest realistic training blade.

Now you and your students can practice knife defense / offense skills in a variety of ways to enhance
survival skills in an edged weapon attack.

Blue Training Knife

Multiple Ways to Use BTK

Can be used to practice edged weapon tactics or counter tactics. It is the safest realistic training knife on the market and has an extremely pliable blade which allows it to be struck against hard targets (hands ribs, face ) without as much potential for injury as with a rigid training blade.

Unique Design & Concept

Lightweight and flexible. The blade is manufactured to a specific pliability that allows it to “fold”and/or “twist” when it makes contact. Lower potential for injury.

No Special Maintenance Required

Can be cleaned with soap and water , quality disinfectant wipes or Benzo-K (non alcohol based) wipes.

Realistic Looking

Easy grip handle. Very life like looking when brandished in context as opposed to some other unrealistic looking training knives such as wooden or hard plastic.

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Always consult with your Subject Matter Experts or departmental trainer for best practice techniques and tactics.

Blue Training Knife is another fine product designed by the crew at Blue Training Systems.