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Finally… a training baton that acts like the real thing!

Blue Baton* represents the many expandable police, military, corrections and security batons that are in the field. Now your officers and soldiers can train with a tool that is more realistic than most existing training batons.

The Blue Training Blue Baton

Most Realistic Baton on the Market

Blue Baton allows the officer to select the baton and actually employ the same motor skills and negative time framing (accessing, drawing, extending, striking) that an officer would in the field.

Fits in Most Holsters

Fits into a multitude of common holsters/scabbards whether open or closed

No Special Maintenance Required

Made from a lightweight high-impact-resistant nylon. Withstands wide range of environmental conditions. Full one-year Warranty

Two Different End Caps

Blue Baton facilitates the use of two different end caps should the officer currently use a mushroom-shaped (Hindi Style) or regular based end cap.

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A Revolution in Law Enforcement, Military and Corrections Training

The Problem

Currently in the world arena of most police training, officers must use a straight baton (made of foam rubber/plastic) during force options (DT) and reality based training (RBT). However, over the last 15 years most law enforcement agencies, particularly in the United States and Canada (but also worldwide) have switched to issuing officers an expandable/collapsible metal baton for street use. The problem now exists where during training the members are still using the foam “straight” training batons or sometimes even real batons, which is inherently dangerous.

The Solution

Until the design of Blue Baton by Blue Training Systems, there was no known expandable/collapsible training baton of similar design currently on the market. Blue Baton is made from a lightweight high-impact-resistant nylon which is molded into an expandable baton and can withstand extreme forces and temperatures and maintain its integrity under normal striking/combative training conditions. Its unique design does not require any special gadgetry to operate it and it does not require any special maintenance before, during or after its use.

Blue Baton also comes with two different end caps should the officers currently use a mushroom-shaped (Hindi Cap) or regular based end cap. Visit www.batoncap.com for more details on the best baton retention cap on the market. The striking tip is made from a flexible synthetic rubber which allows it to be struck against padded role players with less injury potential than a rigid material. Blue Baton also fits into the multitude of common holsters/scabbards whether open or closed.
*U.S. Patent No. 8,568,242

More Info about Blue Baton

Always consult with your Subject Matter Experts or departmental trainer for best practice techniques and tactics.

The Blue Baton is another fine product designed by the crew at Blue Training Systems.