Safety & FAQs

Q: What is the best way to close Blue Baton?

A: Do not bang the tip against the floor (as sometimes performed to close a real baton). Simply firmly grasp the striking section and the middle section. Twist the wrists in opposite directions and press down. Then perform the same action with the middle section and the handgrip section. Blue Baton will then be in the closed position and can be placed in the holster/scabbard either end up.

Q: What is the best padding to wear for the role player?

A: There are many excellent quality padding systems in the Law Enforcement/Military (Redman, Blauer, FIST etc.). Special care should be made to protect any bare skin (such as inside of forearms/upper arms/thighs/calves etc.).The role player should barely feel much when hit on a padded arm/leg. There will be an audible contact sound, which allows the role player and instructor to “hear” a good hit. Boxing-type gloves should also be worn to protect the fingers as opposed to fingerless (MMA-type) gloves.

Q: Does it require any special maintenance?

A: No. Just separate it before and after use (unscrew end cap) and check for any damage or loose parts or dust or dirt/grit. Do not strike Blue Baton against any hard surfaces such as doors/walls/posts etc. Do not use any lubrication. Wipe with water-damped cloth to remove any dirt or paint(marking cartridge dye/soap etc).

Q: Does Blue Baton come with various end caps?

A: Yes. Blue Baton comes with two different end caps should the officer currently use a regular-based end cap or a mushroom-shaped (Hindi Cap) modeled after the Hindi Baton Cap, developed by Officer Robert Hindi. Allows for the officer to tactilely locate the baton while keeping the eyes on the target(s). Also acts as a retention device offering the officer more leverage if the subject tries to disarm him/her. If the officer drops the baton while fighting on uneven or hilly locations, the baton will not roll away as easily. These are just some of the many benefits of the Hindi cap. For more info on the real deal and how it can easily be added to your officers existing batons visit

The striking section of the baton is made from synthetic rubber which is flexible when used. Blue Baton also fits into the multitude of common holsters/scabbards whether open or closed. Simply unscrew the end cap and tighten on the preferred shape cap. Do not over tighten.


Although Blue Baton only weighs approximately 90 grams (3.5 oz) it can still cause injury (stinging/bruising) if struck against unpadded areas on a role player. The best protection for the hands is boxing-type gloves (as opposed to open fingered gloves) as well as inner and outer forearm/upper arm protection. The same type of padding should be worn for the legs. Use only certified quality padded training gear. Headgear and eyewear must also be worn in conjunction with RBT. Please check with your agency subject matter experts (certified reality based instructors) before using Blue Baton to strike role players.


Do not strike any deadly force area (head, neck, spine, clavicle, throat, groin etc.) with Blue Baton. It is best used on a striking dummy to simulate head/throat/neck etc. targets. Regular Baton Practice: When practicing against a striking bag, the holder should wear gloves and eye protection in case of errant hits.

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