Blue Training Knife Training

Train the way you will need to win the fight


Although BTK weighs only 28 grams (1 oz) it can still cause injury (stinging/ bruising, possible lacerations and damage to the eye) if protective kit and eyewear are not worn. Always wear protective eyewear when using BTK.

How it Works:

BTK is custom designed to look like a folding knife with the blade locked open. It has a blue handle with logo to signal to the instructor/student that the knife is for training (such as other reality based equipment: blue gun; blue baton; blue OC pepper spray canister etc). The blade is manufactured to a specific pliability (durometer) that allows it to “fold”and/or “twist” when it makes contact. The resultant greater surface area and deceleration dissipates the impact energy over a broader surface which is safer for the recipient than with a smaller/harder surface area (increased penetration potential).

Ways to use your Blue Training Knife:

BTK can be used “dry” where the students practice their skill sets and form motor programs to defend against an edged weapons attack. It can then be used “wet” to indicate where the knife has touched the other person. To do this, simply attached the open cell foam strip (one-sided adhesive) to the edge of the blade from the tip to the front guard (quillon). To simulate a daggar-type blade, simply place another strip on the spine of the blade from the tip to the jimping (notches near handle). Then apply the blue temporary marking fluid to the foam. It is best used on a white shirt or light colored martial arts Gi. On dark clothing or bare skin, the liquid will show as moisture marks indicating contact. The blue “ink” will disappear on its own after about 30 seconds and then the water will evaporate quickly allowing for a clean slate to start again and again! The “ink” is non-permanent, non-staining and non-toxic. BTK can also safely be used by role payers to be held out as a knife during a scenario as it is very life-like looking when brandished in context as opposed to some other unrealistic looking training knives such as wooden or hard plastic.

Prior to Use, Maintenance and Cleaning Rules:

Simply wipe BTK with a non-alcohol based cleaning wipe such as Benzo-K or use a mild soap and water mix. Dry it thoroughly. Ensure that the fastening screws are tightened and the handle is in good repair prior to and after using it. The tape can be left on for extended periods but ensure that it is secure before using repeatedly.

Always consult with your Subject Matter Experts or departmental trainer for best practice techniques and tactics.

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