Blue Baton Training

“Reality-based training has never been so real!”

There are two specific applications where such a unique baton would best be used. They are: Reality Based Training and Standard Baton Training/Recertification.

How can Blue Baton work for you?

Reality (Scenario) Based Training

Scenario, RBT or Force on Force training are fast becoming the measuring sticks of police training standards. Both safety for the officers and litigious benefits for the agency (and/or City/State etc.) are covered when this type of training is properly provided. Realism is one of the most important aspects of police scenario training. The officer should use as close to real, actual tools of their trade. Real firearms (duty pistols) are converted to fire “paint rounds/marking cartridges (NLTA)” instead of live ammunition. Dedicated pistols that only fire paint/blanks etc. are sometime purchased to avoid “accidents”. Pepper spray is made “inert” by eliminating the addition of capsaicin (active pepper ingredient) in the manufacturing stage. Electronic Control Devices (publicly referred to as “stun guns” etc.) utilize inert training cartridges that when fired from a real unit, will attach to the role playing subject, but use a mono-filament line instead of the insulated wires, thus preventing electrical charges reaching the role player.

However, currently during scenario training exercises, officers must carry the straight foam baton or a similar rendition. Several problems exist from this. The primary issue is that it does not accurately represent what the officer would be using in the real world if they use an expandable/collapsible baton. As there is no realistic holster to accommodate the foam baton, the member must begin the scenario with it hanging out of his or her pocket, jury-rigged into his or her duty belt, attached by Velcro or be carried in hand. Because of this, officers in scenarios often place or drop the baton on the floor not knowing where to put it during the follow-up control with the role player or deciding to use another weapon or empty hand tactic. This does not accurately reflect the officer’s best practices when responding to a service call and “using” a baton as a force option.

The second critical issue is that when it comes time to select a baton (if required/justified for the scenario) the member is not able to practice drawing the baton from the holster, thus bypassing important steps of locating, unsnapping or accessing it from their duty belt. The member also misses the real action of extending the baton and having it at the ready or striking with it. The use of our expandable training baton accurately replicates all of the normal functions of the officer, including realistic negative time frames necessary for locating, drawing, and expanding the “weapon” prior to its use. The only real difference is the weight. Essentially, the lighter the object, the less force will be generated. Blue Baton only weighs approximately 3.17 oz (90 g) compared to the average “real” baton which weighs approx. 1 lb (453 g). Please note that proper protective padding and eye wear should always be worn by role players during RBT.

Standard Baton Training

Using Blue Baton during regular baton tactics (certification/recertification) is better for the officer as it requires them to be using as close to a real baton (action/feel etc.) while also mitigating injuries to training partners who may be holding the striking bags. It is recommended that the bag holder wear protective gloves and eye wear to protect from injury.

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