3 Types Of Individuals

There are mainly 3 types of individuals you will handcuff.


The Cooperative subject will listen and obey commands and present no resistance in the physical arena.


The Uncooperative subject may take some persuading to generate their compliance to facilitate handcuffing without using any force. They may also present active resistance and may require some soft empty hand tactics to control them.


The Combative subject is one who presents assaultive behavior (which can be in many forms) and requires the officer(s) to use force to control him/her. This subject most often needs to be taken to the ground to enable the officer (s) to gain control and handcuff them in a prone position (face down).

The situation you are in will also dictate the tactics that you use. Such things like the location; number of subjects; your perception of risk; the availability of back up; the subjects demonstrated abilities; the environment; lighting; presentation of weapons; your physical status (injured/fatigued) etc. In other words the totality of circumstances in which you are in.

Always consult with your Subject Matter Experts or departmental trainer for best practice techniques and tactics.

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