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Unlock Your Handcuff Training Potential

Handcuffing is a perishable motor skill. That means that if it isn’t practiced, it will not be as easy to perform under stress when needed. For this reason we developed Cuff Training Tape to assist your students in learning the essentials in a unique and efficient and safer way.

Blue Training Cuff Training Tape

4 Learning Styles

Cuff Training tape allows your officers/soldiers/security/staff to use four main learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Reading

Unique Design & Concept

Its unique design and concept is like a quarterback who glances at the play sheet prior to a play. Even he/she needs to ensure that the team understands the critical elements for success!

Repeat Labeled

Each piece of Cuff Tape is repeat labeled with 6 tactical steps to reference prior to, during and even after the application of cuffs in the training class.

Adds Layer Of Protection

The tape also provides an important layer of protection to the student’s wrist where the cuffs will be applied. This will prevent the likelihood of cuts, abrasions and bruising or even potential contamination if the officers use street cuffs during their training days.

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“Even if you don’t follow the exact same 6 steps in your cuffing program, you can adopt whichever steps you want to teach to fit your needs.”

Check out the following video clips that explain it all!


More Info on Cuff Training Tape

Always consult with your Subject Matter Experts or departmental trainer for best practice techniques and tactics.

Cuff Training Tape is another fine product designed by the crew at Blue Training Systems.