Safety, Care & Maintenance

Q: Do I need to wear any safety padding?

A: Eye Gouge Head comes with 2 pairs of protective goggles to be worn by the trainee and trainer in case of errant contact with the eyes. It is up to the users whether they feel the need to wear any other personal protective equipment (PPE) when conducting self or partner practice training. However, during reality based training (RBT) it is highly recommended that users comply with best practice safety protocols and wear appropriate PPE according to agency standards, particularly if you are using other training aids such as non lethal training ammunitions (NLTA’s) during force on force scenarios etc. Consult with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) prior to training.

Q: Does it require any special maintenance?

A: No, however it is recommended that before and after using the Eye Gouge Head it should be wiped with a non alcohol-based towelette to clean the surfaces. The eyes should also be wiped if there have been multiple users. A light solution of water and soap should also be effective in preparing it for use. The safety goggles must also be inspected and cleaned before and after if they are not a personal issue item. It is also recommend to inspect the Eye Gouge Head before and after use to ensure that there are no sharp parts or broken pieces evident. Please call toll free 1-855-946-8075 (Canada and U.S.) if there are any questions or concerns.

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