Finally…a training head that acts like the real thing!

Now you and/or your team can safely practice deadly force empty hand tactics (such as eye gouges, cupped hand ear slaps and other modes of trauma) on a 3 dimensional realistic humanoid head.

Eye Gouge Head

For Civilian Self-Defense Or For Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections & Security

Self Practice

The Eye Gouge Head is light weight and is able to be taken anywhere and practiced in private if preferred. It does not require any special set up functions. Learn More

Partner Practice

To practice with a partner, simply attached the handle into base of the head. Now your training partner can provide a target for you by holding the Eye Gouge Head. Learn More

Cupped Hand Ear Slaps

The Eye Gouge Head also allows the user to practice striking an attacker’s ear replicating what is likely to cause a ruptured tympanic membrane (ear drum). Learn More

Cranial Pressure Point Training

The Eye Gouge Head can also be used to demonstrate and train officers on how to properly locate and apply cranial pressure points (CPP) to deal with passive/active resistors. Learn More

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A Revolution in Self-Defense Training


This is not a striking/punching head. It is designed solely for practicing solely for practicing extreme self defense tactics. It is not designed to train sport fighters or other martial arts systems for striking for points where competitive rules are involved. There are many great striking pads and targets for that purpose.

The Problem

Currently training students who choose to practice eye gouges, must practice on each other to prepare for extreme situations. Aside from the obvious potential injury problems, this does not accurately reflect the required penetration of passing the frontal plane of the eye as trainees have to use a “touch drill only” on the closed eye of their partner. Sometimes students place their thumbs/fingers on the forehead of the “attacker” to prevent possible injury. The problem with that technique is that it sets incorrect landmarks and does not allow the student to psychologically or physically engage and attack the proper area therefore creating bad blueprinting habits. Safety glasses are sometimes worn which “allow” the student a chance to “touch” the “eyes”, but unfortunately this is counterintuitive (and potentially dangerous should the plastic lens or frame fracture). Also in the real world, if the attacker was wearing glasses, the trainee should learn to bypass the glasses (by angles/rips) and follow through with the proper eye gouge attack.

The Solution

Until the design of the Eye Gouge Head by Blue Training Systems, there was no known realistic training head of similar design in the market. The Eye Gouge Head is made specifically for the trainee to be able to penetrate into the eye socket (orbit). It also allows the student to make contact with a realistic-looking flexible eyeball when it is inserted for reality based training (RBT). The anatomically correct features of the head also give the student a chance to find natural anchor points and practice essential pressure counter-pressure principles. The Eye Gouge Head has an optional handle, which when attached, can be held by a partner to enhance the training experience.

Each Eye Gouge Head is made from extremely durable PVC plastic which lets the user practice causing blunt trauma injuries by impacting the head against the ground, cars, walls or other hard surfaces which one could envision using in their attack zone.


All the following or above mentioned tactics are extremely injurious in the real world which is why all trainees must understand the legal ramifications of using violence to prevent or extricate themselves or others from an attack. All users should consult the governing criminal and civil laws applicable to “self defence” and use of force in their region (as well as other jurisdictions when visiting) and fully understand other options of social de-escalation and escape prior to having to use violence to defend themselves. Consult your agency subject matter experts (SME’s) for your best practice tactics and techniques.

More Info about Eye Gouge Head

Always consult with your Subject Matter Experts or departmental trainer for best practice techniques and tactics.

Eye Gouge Head is another fine product designed by the crew at Blue Training Systems.